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Music Player
Bundle with Music website plugin and a React Native mobile app for launching your own music website and app.

Web App admin login credentials: admin@playerapp.xyz & Password: password

Full source code for the web app and mobile app are included in the bundle. The web app is developed in PHP using CodeIgniter framework. The mobile app is developed in React Native framework. You can add live music streaming URLs or upload music files and organize them playlists or using using tags or both.


The Features


Website: Easy to setup

You can setup the website in minutes.

Installation wizard

The installation wizard allow automatic database setup when you start the website for the first time.

Easy to follow documentation

We have documented our website using DocuSpace at https://docs.thephpcode.com/music-station/view.


Website: Modern Technologies

We made sure we use modern technologies while developing the website.

PWA - Progressive web application

Progressive web application allows users website load faster like app when they access it in future also website loads offline.

Multiple Themes

Used Knockout JS to build screen declaratively and provided multiple themes to choose from.


Website: Full featured admin portal

We made the website can be branded easily using admin panel without changing any code.


You can customize everything from the admin panel including branding such as changing logo, choosing the theme etc.


We implemented using security which can be tuned by admin by creating as many as roles needed.


App: React Native App

An app for your website so that users can listen from your website musics easily.

Local Playlist

App allows users to make local playlist and local favorites from the music available from website in addition to playlist from website.

Lockscreen controls

User can see and control what is playing from mobile screen.


Pricing for All


$ 39
  • Use it for single website and app
  • Use it for one of your client
  • Email Support
  • Not allowed to sell as it is

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$ 185
  • Use it for many of your websites.
  • Use it within many client project
  • Email Support
  • Not allowed to sell as it is

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Get In Touch

You can contact us for more details about the product or for any customization needs.

Afrikalaan 8, Utrecht 3526 VN, Netherlands

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Our website support adsense configuration from admin panel for you to place ads with your music listing. You don't need to host your own music to have a music website you can list live stream available freely to list them in organized way so that users will come to you.

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